Control Room

Software: ProTools

Digital Console: SSL Duality Board

Interfaces: (3) Apogee Symphony I/O -

   Totally 48 ins/outs

Monitors: Genelec 8260A, NS10's

Headphone Monitoring System: Aviom Pro

Live Room

250 Square Feet

Batfols on the room give more live or dead sound

Vocal Iso Booth

Isolate Vocals (and amps)

Amp Iso Booth

Isolate Amps

Equipment Room

Guitars: Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Bell, Epiphone, Nash, Fano, Collins and Martin

Drums: DDrum, Gretsch, Yamaha

Microphones: Audio-Technica, AKG, Neuman, Shure, Royer, Coles, Telefunken, Sony, and RCA

Amps: Selection of Marshalls, D13, Morgan, Fender, Trace Elliott, Ampeg, Top Hat, Gibson, Kustom, and Badcat

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