Andrew Boullianne

Head Engineer/Studio Manager


Andrew grew up in a very musical family and quickly dove in, learning to play along on the guitar or drums or whatever. But when his Uncle Don (Miggs) invited him to sit in on his first recording session, he knew that the studio was where he belonged. Since then he has barely left the place; engineering, assistant engineering and co-producing tons of sessions, while also becoming studio manager. Call him at 813.658.5747 to book a session today!

JC Convertino



JC was born and raised in Connecticut before setting out to New York City to pursue a career in recording. Reaching New York, he dove into the recording industry head first, assisting at Sound Ideas and The Hit Factory, before becoming a recording and mixing engineer at Sigma Sound Studios working for Joe Tarsia. His early projects as an engineer/mixer included Madonna’s “Holiday”, Talking Heads’ “Speaking in Tongues”, and Miles Davis’ “Siesta”. JC’s work has become recognized widely, earning several Emmy awards, a Peabody award, several gold and platinum records – two of which going on to win Grammy awards – and a seat on the Grammy Nominating Committee for Engineering Excellence, to name a few of his merits. Brad Paisley, Country Music Award's three times "Best Entertainer of the Year," says of JC, "Nobody gets a better television mix of my band than JC." JC was also the man behind the board when Lady Antebellum, winner of five 2010 Grammy awards, performed "Need You Now" during the GMA Summer Concert Series.

Peter Klett



Music began to have a major impact on Peter at a very early age, listening to Casey Kasem’s Top 40 radio show every chance he got. Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon was a pivotal moment, hitting hard and twisting his reality; what an experience it was. Sonically, the 70’s were the best years in music for Peter's taste.


The key to his unique playing was that he learned on his own, playing to the radio or trying to write his own songs at an early age.  He didn’t want to be a guitar virtuoso type of player but someone whose emotions came out in his songs and solos.  Improvision became style and he came into his own.


His guitar heroes will always be Angus Young, Jimmy Paige and David Gilmour.  Their influences and styles can be heard throughout his career with Candlebox, the two Lotus Crush records, redlightmusic and now on the Apollo Under Fire record.


After producing and mixing the AUF record, he realize that producing/recording is his true passion.  His philosophy now is, “I would rather record a band than be in one”.  He is actively seeking opportunities to produce bands.

Michael Lombardo



Michael began with audio engineering at the age of 16 as an intern at Island Media Recording Studios, Long Island, NY in 1989. Shortly after graduation, he attended The Institute of Audio Research to learn the art of record production. Once he completed his education, he then moved on to work at Soundtrack Recording Studios, NYC for 3 years as assistant engineer woking under engineers like Ray Bardani, Heavy-D, Andy Wallace, and Butch Vig, to name a few. From there, he further developed his skills in audio production, MIDI sequencing in his own production studio in Long Island, designed to cater to his ambition to record and produce music. Recording, mixing, studio design and wiring carried over to his musical projects, giving him the opportunity to design studios around the writing process. Lala West being his latest project as well as designs and wire ups for artists and producers like Shawn Stockman (Boys II Men), and Eric “Bluetooth” Griggs.


He played bass guitar in a number of bands over the years. The most recent, Miggs toured all around the country and abroad sharing the stage with acts like Maroon 5, Plain White T's, Parachute, Candlebox, KT Tunstall, and Scott Weiland. With ample experience behind both sides of the glass and under the hood, he’s honed in on his skills in music production and studio layout.

Rob Meigel

Guitar/Amp Technician


A lifelong strummer, Rob spends his days tending to over 70 string instruments and many amplifiers. Stop in and find him making sure every piece of gear looks and plays as the manufacturer intended! To hire Rob to set up your guitar, call 813.658.5747 or visit him in his store or on the web at

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