Control Room
  • Software: ProTools
  • Digital Console: SSL Duality Board
  • Interfaces: (3) Apogee Symphony I/O –
    Totally 48 ins/outs
  • Monitors: Genelec 8260A, NS10’s
  • Headphone Monitoring System: Aviom Pro
Live Room
  • 250 Square Feet
    Batfols on the room give more live or dead sound
  • Vocal Iso Booth
  • Isolate Vocals (and amps)
  • Amp Iso Booth
  • Isolate Amps
Equipment Room
  • Guitars: Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Bell, Epiphone, Nash, Fano, Collins and Martin
  • Drums: DDrum, Gretsch, Yamaha
  • Microphones: Audio-Technica, AKG, Neuman, Shure, Royer, Coles, Telefunken, Sony, and RCA
  • Amps: Selection of Marshalls, D13, Morgan, Fender, Trace Elliott, Ampeg, Top Hat, Gibson, Kustom, and Badcat